That was a wonderful movie, and I can’t wait to grow old with someone. But, I’m still stuck on this feeling of loss that this movie kept bringing up. Still, for 95 minutes, I really did enjoy the speed of the narrative.

So, I can’t with this movie. I just can’t. There’s just something about it that’s hitting the part of me that I don’t let everyone touch.

Of course, the moment sort of lost momentum with a four year old gurgling apple juice.

So like…. I don’t think Disney should make movies that are sad at the beginning like this. They also shouldn’t trick me into thinking houses can fly.

Now I’m just waiting to cry again.

I’m watching Up for the first time, and I’m so upset, and it’s only been like 20 minutes. What is this madness?


artistickacchi i’m gonna end you


Lolololololololol Baby, I can’t help what my goddess mothers gave me. :3


Like a moth to the flame I’ve returned.

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Sunday’s best! No seriously. I kinda had fun with these.

Haha nipples. 

If this was a stranger, I would hurt you, but I laughed really hard at this gif.


When you see a white kid talking back to their mom in public


When you see a black kid talking back to their mom in public



half of my life has probably been spent in a towel after showering